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Container specifications
Regardless of whether the shipment is sent by air or sea freight or by truck, for packaging we recommend that sturdy boxes be used and that these should also be adequate for the further transport and return transport after the exhibition. We advise not to use cardboard boxes.

Protect your exhibits against moisture and damage by using appropriate packaging (for example, with struts and dry material). The packaging must be so designed that it can be reused after the exhibition has finished.

All boxes/crates should be screwed and not nailed.
If loops cannot or should not be put around the boxes/crates then special lifting fixtures must be attached to enable unloading by crane or the boxes/crates must be fixed onto wooden boards, to enable unloading by forklift.

If you should pack several boxes together on a pallet as one single package, then always remark in the shipping documents, the number of packages which makes up the pallet (e.g. 1 pallet containing 5 boxes). Make sure each individual package has the consignee address on it.

Dangerous goods are subject to special packaging regulations. We ask you to observe these regulations in advance of transportation.


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